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Luna Harrison is a watercolour artist working in the beautiful county of Dorset. She takes her inspiration from the environment around her, the colours of life and the shape and pattern of the world we live in. 

"I love to work in watercolour as the medium is spontaneous, striking and vibrant. One simple brush stroke can tell a story, forming an immediate shape and providing luminous colour. I like to paint subjects to create design and form, images that evoke a response in me and that I hope others will like too.  This can be any subject really, as long as the finished design is pleasant on the eye and promotes

a sense of wellbeing and happiness, images that remind us of the wonderful world in which we live.

I also like to think that the pictures could go on the walls of any room in the house and enhance that space for the occupants."  Luna.


To achieve my pictures I use a wonderful range of brushes by Luxartis and these can be purchased at



I offer all my watercolours as both origional paintings and prints and by buying from me directly it makes it affordable artwork.  


They make ideal gifts and presents for any occasion.


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